Monday, April 16, 2012

Meet Megan of Team Kenya!

So in continuing to introduce you to my team, I thought I would also interview other people involved with the MO5 mission.  We have teams going to Arizona, Mexico, Nairobi, Kenya and Southeast Asia, as well as my team's trip to Prague.  Here is where I asked a good friend of mine (we are in a wonderful small group of women together at church) to tell me about her experience with preparing for her trip!

Yonna: Tell me a bit about yourself: Who are you? What do you do? How did you come to be a member of Mountain Christian Church?
Megan, MO5 Team Green: Kenya
Megan: My name is Megan! I originally started going to Mountain when I was seven years old, but stopped going when I was 15. Then returned last year (2011).  I am a faithful member of the Women's Mentoring Group at Mountain (Yonna note: and we LOVE her presence!~)

Y:  Have you ever been on a missions trip before?
M: I have not been on a missions trip before, or even an airplane!!!

Y: WOW!  Not even an airplane?  What a leap of faith you're taking...especially with a plane ride that can last up to 14 are one brave little sister!  So in knowing that, what made you want to go on a missions trip, and how did you decide on Kenya, of all places?
M: Well, when I heard about Mountain On 5, I thought "wow, I really want to be apart of that".  I had some friends that when to Kenya last summer with the church, who came back with amazing, life changing, faith building and challenging stories.  Last summer I thought that there was no way could I go to Africa on a missions trip.  But when I found out about MO5, I prayed (a lot!) about it, because I knew I wanted to go on one of the trips, but I didn't know which one. After much prayer, I kept hearing God call to me, Kenya, Kenya, KENYA!

Y: I know how that is!  I prayed lots myself, and it's amazing the way God let's you know exactly what His will is. So, what was your application process like?
M: It took me a while to fill out the application form...
Y: I KNOW!  It was 12 pages long!
M: RIGHT!  I was so nervous and unsure if I was even ready to do it.  And then I turned it in. About two weeks later, I got a call from church asking me to come in for an interview. I met with 3 church members that I had never met before and had to tell them my strengths and weaknesses, describe my faith, and explain why I wanted to go... I was so nervous!  But after it was over, I thought to myself  "Wow, that went so well".  Three days later, I got an email saying "Welcome aboard M05!"

Y: AMEN!  I know all of those feelings all too well.  Being nervous, interviewing with people I didn't know, sharing testimony...its all enough to make you anxious!  I know I'm glad to have gotten that part over with already!  So, now that you've made the team, tell me about this trip...what are you expecting?  What are you hoping to come away with?
M:  I am looking forward to seeing God in ways I cant even imagine. I'm sure I will see how real and how powerful God is. I have been told that the people of Nairobi, Kenya are filled with so much hope and faithfulness to  our God, and  I want to see and experience that. I've also been blessed to be a blessing to those people who are living without the light of God.  I cannot wait to connect with God's people, experience a completely different culture, and grow significantly as a woman of God.

Y: Oh Megan, Amen!
M:   I am going to the Marthare Valley in Nairobi, Kenya.  These beautiful people live in substandard conditions - the area is severely stricken with an outstanding amount of poverty.  They are starving for food and starving for God. I cannot wait to share the good news with them!!!

Y:  I appreciate your heart so much...wanting to go and do and be the Hands and Feet of Him in Africa...I can't wait to get back and hear the stories of your time of service (and find out how those plane rides turned out for you!).  Is there anything else you'd like to add for our readers?
M:   I just want to ask them to continue to pray for all of the MO5 teams: Arizona, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Czech Republic and Kenya!

Y: Thanks so much Megan, for sharing you heart with us!

If you are interested in supporting our teams, please pray for us by name, or click the link at the top left of the page to donate.  Anything you can do will be GREATLY appreciated!

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