Thursday, April 12, 2012

Experienced Perspective

I apologize for not having written in awhile.  I've been trying to put together a yard sale, with the proceeds going towards this trip, and I just got back from vacation as well.

I went to visit family in Missouri, whom I hadn't visited since 2005.  7 years!  For me, it was quite a relaxing time, and a bit eye opening as well.

I attended church with family on Easter Sunday, at a church a considerable bit smaller than the one I go to.  The first thing I noticed when I walked in though, was that for such a small church, they sponsored quite a few missionary families, I'd say maybe 10.  I was amazed!  A church of approximately 140 members supporting 10 families all over the world!  God is truly working through this church!

I was lucky enough to hear an update from one of their missionaries who recently returned from a 6 month trip to Haiti.  After church, I ran up to her, because I wanted to talk to her about her experiences.  I explained that while my church sends short term mission teams out all the time, but this would be my first trip, and asked if she had any advice for me.

We discussed her experiences as a missionary.  She and her husband live in Missouri for 6 months, then move back to Haiti for 6 months, and have done this for the past several years.  Both places are now home to them.  She has helped to establish an orphanage in Haiti, and in special cases, raises money to bring the critically ill to the USA to seek medical treatment.  She could not imagine her life being any more full right now, and would hate it if it were any less.

As for her advice for me, she told me to be incredibly flexible, but at the same time, to be myself.  So many times missionaries go to these places, and have to 'live up to being model Christians', which eventually depresses the missionaries, and leaves those that they are helping let down.  I cannot put on a front that I am perfect, when I am not.  I am still a work in progress myself, and need to be able to show that as I teach the gospel to those who do not know it.  James 1:2-3 tells me to consider it joy when I face trials because my testing through those trial produces perseverance.  But verse 4 teaches "Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking in anything."  I will continue to be a work in progress, and will continue to strive towards perfection, though I may fall short...but all of this is to mature me in my walk of faith.


Right now, I am a bit discouraged.  Team Red had a great meeting last night, and we are bonding as a team quite well.  We had a language lesson from a Slavic woman who now lives in our area, and it was really cool to hear the language we will soon be surrounded by.  As for the discouragement, we got our monetary progress reports last night, and I still have A LOT of fund raising to do.  I am now one third of the way to my goal, but if I don't bring in a lot more funds here in the near future, my plane ticket cannot be purchased.  Right now, all of our tickets are reserved, but have a deadline for payment.

I am faithful that God answers prayer, especially those submit my more than one person.  Would you please pray that I am able to bring in the funds for my trip?  I appreciate the support I've been given, through this blog as well as in the real world, and having folks who have my back is ALWAYS reassuring.

Hence, the reason for our yard sale.  I am now going through outgrown kiddio clothes, books I read but no longer need, DVDs we just don't watch anymore...all sorts of things that are doing nothing but collecting dust in our home, but can help buy my trip plane ticket.  It's quite exciting, to be purging everything that I have, so that I may go and do His work, I'm just hoping it all pays off (and I will be joining my team on the trip)!

Once again, (shameless plug) if you are willing and able to donate an offering of support to the trip, please click the link at the top left of the page.  You will then be sent to a secure payment page, where you can donate to the Prague Short Term Mission Trip, in the name YONNA, and I will be credited.  Thank you so much, even for just considering this option.

Hoping to write again soon with some good news!  In the meanwhile, be sure to stop over at The Mudrik's Blog and check out what they've been up to...pretty good stuff!

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