Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meet The Team: Becci

Here is an opportunity to meet the rest of Team Red: Czech Republic for the MO5 Short Term Missions Project.  I'm sure there will be others, so stay tuned for them!

First up is my prayer partner, travel partner, and partner in silliness, super-preparing and 'crime', (lol) Becci!

Who are you, and where are you from? 
I'm Becci and I'm from Levittown, NY.  I'm currently a full time graphic design/ photojournalism student. 
Who are you at home?  
I'm an army wife (not like the show), 'mama' to a very cute, but very destructive corgi pup, and avid adventurer. 

How long have you been a Christian?  
I have been a Christian all my life (raised in a christian home) but I made the decision to give my life to The Lord and was baptized when I was approximately 11 years old.
What small groups are you involved in at Mountain? 
I am involved with the Mountain Riders, the motorcycle ministry and small group at mountain.
Is this your first mission trip?  If not, where else have you gone, and when? 
This is not my first mission trip. I have also been to Kentucky, West Virginia and Reynosa, Mexico.
What made you decide to take this trip to the Czech Republic? 
 I have felt God calling me to go on another mission trip for years, but it was tough to find the time and the means since I was in the military.  I originally thought I was going on the trip to Southeast Asia but  during my interview, it was thought I would be more well suited for the Czech trip. 
How are you feeling about the trip as of today?  
I am absolutely psyched for this trip!  It really feels like God handpicked this team, and He really has a plan for us. 
What are some of your worries about the trip?  
Hmmm, worries?  No, I really don't have too many and the ones I do have are mostly irrational. 
What are you hoping to see/do while we are there? 
I'm really hoping to building a lasting relationship with not only the Czech People, but also the Mudrik family. I certainly want to see Prague too; I hear it's absolutely gorgeous. 
Do you have anything you'd like to add?  
I'm not sure what to add...I'm just really excited. :)

So there we have it!  The beginning of the interviews with Team Red.  I am excited to have Becci on the team, since she and I share so many things, and are growing in our relationship.

Just a note, our team of 10 has dropped,and we are now a team of 9.  One of the members felt that now is not the right time for them, and I am sad to see them go.  We are still a small team, however, I know that we will still make a HUGE impact on the Prague community, in His name!!

Once again, we are asking for your support.  Through prayer or financial assistance, we are grateful for any help you are willing to give.  Please click the link at the top left of the page to offer your support.  We thank you for the support that you have already shown by reading this blog, and would love to know you were here...please comment below, and let us know!

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  1. aww, I almost feel famous now. ;) luv ya