Monday, March 5, 2012

Retreat highlights....I'm tired!

I just returned from a beautiful Women's Retreat weekend with my sisters from church.  I got to stay with my new friends, mother and daughter Barbara and April.  And while it was a wonderful time away with them, I am WORN OUT!

So, just a few highlights, so I can go an focus on my work (it IS Monday, afterall!).

Tracy Tiernan from 95.1 SHINE FM was our keynote speaker and worship leader for Friday and Saturday...and boy, was she challenging (I was openly sobbing by the end of the first session!).  As a worship leader at my church, I was immediately convicted by some of the things she scratched to the surface within me.  I have already begun putting her practicals to work.

Sandy Cove Retreat Center is truly a wonderful place (no TVs in the room, so you can focus on the people you came with...I'll admit, this was hard for me, since I usually fall asleep to the TV, and let the sleep timer turn itself off)...HOWEVER, the wall are thin.  I could hear my neighbors having regular conversations through the walls, and would be afraid to take my kids to stay in the lodge while visiting there.  However, they do have cabins, bunkhouses and campgrounds, so I would take them.  Also, this is how my group became known as "The Noisy Girls", lol (but I PROMISE you, we weren't anymore loud than anyone else!)

There was an amazing Commissioning and Annointing Service while we were there, where we were asked to listen to His voice, speak our Mission Fields, and be Commissioned to Go Forth and begin our works.  I have been commissioned as the leader of my children in pointing them towards Christ, and I have been commissioned to dedicate my life to the Worship Arts Ministry.  I am excited!

Finally, the thing that strikes me most as I think of this weekend is a snippet of a scripture that I memorized years ago, and how it is now burned onto my heart.  1 John 4:18 says "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.". 

There is no fear in Love. 

There is No Fear in Love.

I woke up thinking about this, and am now sitting here at work, thinking about it as well...

...and drinking this coffee!  I'm TIRED! {I will discuss my feelings on this with those who comment :) }

I'll be back later this week, to talk about more things from Team Red, the MO5 team going to Prague.  We've got 3 new members that you need to meet...and had a large group meeting, discussing conflict resolution and spiritual warfare...but for now, I need rest.

In the meanwhile...tell me what you think of that quote, "There is no fear in Love."  What do you take away from it?

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