Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do Everything!

On my way to work today, I listened to 95.1 Shine FM as I usually do.  For those not in the Baltimore Maryland area, that is the Christian radio station that my radio seems to never leave anymore.  Anyway, a quirky little song came on, called "Do Everything", by Stephen Curtis Chapman (who just happens to physically resemble my favorite redhead outside of my mother, Rob Kastens, but that's another story)...

From my first time listening to this song, it had my attention.  The first lines are "You're picking up toys from the living room floor for the fifteenth time today"...ummm...Stephen, are you peeking in on a single mom's home?  Such as my own?  Maybe not...my kids are older, and it would be video games, shoes and socks...but still....

Anyway, what really hit me was the chorus.

"It all matters just as long as you do everything you do to the glory of The One who made you, cause He made you to do every little thing that you do to bring a smile to His face, tell the story of grace with every move that you make, and every little thing you do "

My sister (well, technically sister-in-law, but I'm not married anymore either...go figure that one out!) Stephanie lives by, and got me hooked on the motto "Jesus is Lord, and I work for the Lord!" If you know Steph, she REALLY DOES live by this! This song is a great explanation of that exact motto.

It makes me think of everything that I do on a day to day basis...from working to mothering to worshiping to living.  In the end, all that matters is "am I pleasing God?"

As I prepare for this missions trip, I hope to continue to live up to that, and please God in my preparations.  I have studied the Prague area, its culture, and religious background.  I have checked travel tip sites, mission trip sites, government guidelines, TSA regulations, and UNESCO.  I have studied websites that recommend packing everything in one bag (which I fully intend to TRY!), travel insurance information,  sites with information on how to control asthma in different parts of the world.  Whew!  I've done alot, and I still feel like there is so much more to do and know!

When I sit back and think about it, I am doing all of these things, and making these preparations and dotting I's and crossing T's so that I can go over there and so everything to the glory of The One who made me.  I am going to do His work; to be His hands and feet.  To serve in flesh where His word has not yet reached.  And believe me, there is MUCH to do! ...and I am more than willing to go and do*!

*Isaiah 6:8, Then I heard the Lord asking "Whom should I send as a messenger to these people?  Who will go for us?"  I said "Here I am.  Send me."

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