Friday, May 11, 2012

Dobry Den, ahoj! (An update)

Not much going on lately.  Still meeting with the team, and learning the language with a new friend, Gaby.  She is originally Slovakian, but moved her to the US 14 years ago, and has been helping us learn the Czech language.

Our yard sale turned out well...we had a steady stream of customers the entire time, and were able to raise pretty good funds.  What I didn't sell went to Tabatha's House, a thrift store run by my church...which made me feel good, since not only did I have to take it all back home, but someone will find joy in the items I no longer needed.

My excitement hasn't died down (even though I have been posting less lately...) I've been working hard to meet these final deadlines, and continuing to make preparations for departure.  I'm making arrangements for my home and car right now, checking with my bank to find out how much overseas charges are for ATM withdrawals, as well as purchases; making sure I have plenty of asthma meds during the know, housekeeping items.

So that's what I've been up to.  As of today, we have 41 days until departure...and I must admit, I am still a bit anxious.  I still have about 1/3 of my funds to raise, and am prayerful still that I will reach my goal.  My God planted a seed, and I need to go and water it for him;  I will be serving with my team in the Czech Republic!

So please, continue to pray for myself, and my team, as well as the entire missions group (pictured above).  We will be going to 5 nations, all to serve 1 Mighty God.  Your prayers are much appreciated!



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