Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One month from today...

In case you weren't aware, I am literally one month from departure.  YAY!  ARGH!

Excitement.  Anxiety.  Nervousness.  Intrigue.  <<Some of the things I'm feeling.

I've been researching packing lists, suitcases, walking/work shoes, digging out my 'travel sized' Bible, nit picking over the tiny things that only I seem to nit pick over...all in preparation.

Last Friday night was the Blacklight Zumba party, and it was a BLAST!  My Zumba teacher, Daie, is also going on her own MO5 trip (to Arizona) while we are in Prague.  She put together the blacklight zumba party as a fundraiser, and it was an amazing time!  I take her regular class on Monday nights, and was excited to participate in the party, with 2 other teachers (and styles, Bokwa and Belly Dancing).  As it turns out, the party was so successful that not only have people asked when the next one will be, but she is able to donate to my fund as well.  PRAISE GOD!  If you've never done Zumba, give it a shot!  Its high energy aerobic dancing, but for once, I am finding exercise to be FUN!

We are having another Team Red meeting tonight, with our entire team.  All of this time, we have been meeting without one of our members, Taylor, who has been away, finishing his junior year in college.  Exciting times, since I know he will bring a new energy and perpective to our team.  We're taking a full team photo as well, so I will do what I can about getting all 8 of us on this blog shortly.

Please, continue to pray for our small, yet powerful team.  I have been in contact with Elaine Mudrik, letting her know what my daughter's class is up to (the fifth grade class wants to send items over the the children, so I'm hoping to take plenty of books in English over for them to practice their language skills, thanks to my daughter's class!), and honestly cannot wait to meet and hang out with this wonderful family.  Marty is our expert carpenter/craftsman, while Taylor is an amazing musician.  We all have such different talents, but are all strong, and I know that God will use them in awesome ways.  Pray that our team dynamic strengthens, and that we are all able to submit to the will of God, and His plans for us while we are away.


...it will be here before I know it!

In Him,

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