Friday, June 22, 2012

CHVALA BOH...Today is the Day!

It's here.

Throughout the night, I've been half sleeping.  I'm excited!  I would wake up and begin thinking about all kinds of things, pray to myself, and hope to go back to sleep for another (short) period of time...

The Mountain On 5 movement has begun.  On Wednesday, we had a small team return from a short trip to China.  Thursday, our Southeast Asia/Yellow team took off.  Just a few hours ago, the Kenya/Green team met at church,and as I type this at 7:47am EST, they are on the plane, ready to take flight.  Both groups had a team of well wishers at church, ready to send them off with a cheer.  Tomorrow, at 4:30am, both the Mexico/Blue team, and Arizona/Green teams will be meeting at church for their send off.

Team Red/Europe meets at church today at 3pm, which honestly, is a really great time to be meeting.  The middle of the day; I can still run last minute errands, have a great breakfast, and spend time with folks I love before I go.

I am still excited.  I am hoping to feel this way all day...instead of the nervous/anxious mess that I could be.

Team Red is prepared.  We have packed.  We have prayed. We are unified and we are ready to work.


~thank you all for the support, prayer and love you have shown Team Red so far.  It is greatly appreciated.

(Praise God),


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  1. Have a safe and productive trip! Enjoy Europe as much as you can. God bless you and the rest of your Red Team. :)