Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Details, details!

Last night, Team Red got together for what we THOUGHT would be our final meeting before takeoff.

BTW, before I even get started and well into the blog...11!  11 days until we take flight to go and do His will.  YESSsssss!

Back to business...we got together and began going over the details of our trip.  Our schedule has been planned out for meeting and getting to the airport; parking situations spoken of; departure wear was discussed (I'd already planned my flight wear, but we all need to be unified and in uniform...Jesus is Lord, and I work for the Lord, and someone else was chosen to lead, so I will follow!).  Detailed paperwork is still needed from some team members; insurance cards and documents were passed out and discussed (had to make sure it covered prescription meds, in case I lose my inhaler while I'm over there!).  LOTS and LOTS of details!

We went over the 'proposed' schedule of our days while we are there, with the great warning that it may/possibly/might/more than likely change, and that we need to be flexible and ready to roll with the punches for whatever may happen.  At this point, we are still unsure of exactly what we will actually be doing while we are there, work-wise.  Being that we are the smallest team, I'd say that being open to any changes that are thrown our way has really got to be our biggest strength right now, and I am honored to be part of a team that just accepts it like it is.  The Mudrik's have had a big change of plans with what they thought they'd need, so we have to go with the flow.  The only thing that we absolutely know for sure is that we are going over there to assist them with ANYTHING that they need help with.  Also, we are planning to go and run Camp Rivenhill while we're there, but even that is subject to change at this point.

So we've talked about packing and rides from airports and hostel amenities, and so many other things.  Taylor and I will be leading worship while we're there, which eases my heart a bit, because that is something I am comfortable doing anywhere, plus it doesn't take much set up at all.  Taylor is a great guitar player, and having been on a worship team together before, I think we will have no problems just giving our hearts wherever we are.

Also, it was discussed that we need to 'leave home at home' and kind of disconnect while we are away, so that we can focus on our task while we are there.  That means no cell phones.  3 months ago, this would have been a huge issue for me, considering the fact that I am a single mom...but I already know that my kiddios will be in good hands.  I take them to my mother for their summer vacation this weekend, and they are excited for that.  I will be taking my laptop, and the entire team will be posting updates from here on this blog while we are away, which I am excited about.  Having new writers with different perspectives should be interesting, and fun!  So please, be on the lookout for postings from my teammates!  (I'm working on getting individual pictures of each of them, so I can post a face along with a name!)

Also, since I'll have my laptop (along with the free wi-fi at the hostel) I will be able to skype my family...and hopefully, with the time difference, and my kids "on-the0go summer schedules" I'll be able to catch them a couple of times while I am away...maybe.  If not, I will know that i tried...

So...its almost that time.  One more (packing) meeting, and we're off!  A huge thanks to all of you who have donated financially; to you who have purchased items for me from my amazon wish list and to those of you who have been praying for us from afar, the time is almost here!  Please stay tuned for updates from the field, and a great debriefing as well!

Dobrou noc!

11 days!


  1. This sounds so exciting and so daunting at the same time. Three months with minimal contact with your kids.(Shakes head.)

    Lord: Please keep your hand on Yonna's shoulder and keep her children safe during this time. We give you the praise. In Jesus name, I pray. AMEN

    1. @QuietSpirit, thank you so much for your prayer and concern! I do appreciate that, and will take every prayer I can get.

      Our team will only be on our trip for 2 weeks, but my children will be away for the summer. Once we return home, I'll be able to call and bug them as much as I please...or at least until they get tired of me!

      Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing the Spirit!