Thursday, June 28, 2012

Since I've been here...

About to land in Prague

Jeff (looking back) and Liz, on the jet bridge into PRG airport

The children's choir at church, singing to us in Czech

The AstronomicalClock

Statue on Charles Bridge

The Crucifixion Statue on Charles Bridge

View of Prague Castle from Charles Bridge

City of Praha/Prague from Prague Castle

Prague/Praha from Prague Castle

Prague castle guard. Stood still...but his eyes followed me.  Creepy.

Liz, trying to be still like the guard.  She couldn't stop smiling though.  Her son, Taylor, is there to the left in the green shirt.

The "Baby Tower", just outside of the Mudrik family's apartment building.

Myself and the Mudrik's daughter, A. She helped me buy my new shoes, since the salespeople didn't speak English.

J and H wanted to show off their shoes too...

H, the Mudrik's youngest child, and according to her, my new "best friend"...(I french braided her hair, and want to paint her would have thought I'd created cartoons or something, lol).  So cute, and a sweet girl!

Sorry I haven't written much; we've been busy, working!
More to come...stay tuned!

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